Professional Laundry Services

Dear valued visitor, if you are seeking services related to the commercial or industrial laundry equipment then you are in the right place. But before you consider paying for any service, we strongly encourage you to try our online tools that provide design and consultation for free. If you can’t find your desired service with our automated tools, please send us your request by email or by filling the form at the bottom of this page.

Do you need a complete laundry design?

Our free laundry designer has been programed to cover approximately 80% of the laundry consultant package. The deliverables include design concept, layout guide, bill of quantities, detailed item specifications and a technical data sheet.

Or do you just need to specify one laundry equipment?

Our single item specification form will guide you through a set of questions that will enable our software to automatically select the best unit for your needs and will send you an email with the detailed item specification.

Laundry equipment training for operators, technicians and engineers: 

Laundry operators are frequently more than capable of using the laundry equipment to perform their required tasks. However, it has been commonly noticed that not all operators are aware of how to minimize the laundry energy consumption and prolong the equipment lifetime.

Laundry consultancy

Our experience with laundry design and consultancy dates back to 2003 through projects throughout more than 15 countries including hotels, hospitals, central laundries, palaces, opera houses, fire stations, laundromats, staff laundries and different types of accommodations.